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Pronunciation - KY-russ : Greek Καιρός, Kairos 


God of opportunity, luck and favorable moments. The Divine son of Zeus, Kairos is always depicted as a beautiful youth with winged feet and a single lock of hair which can be grasped.

At Kairos, we believe that opportunity can only be seized when you have precise, well-crafted   tools – whether it’s the Excalibur of King Arthur or Mozart’s keyboard.

In today’s information age with social media as the undisputed tyrant, our weapons, are our words.

The value of carefully chosen, well-constructed and powerful words in business collateral is immeasurable. They can convert possibilities into realities – be it building a great brand, convincing a reluctant client, motivating employees or forging critical business alliances.

We at Kairos  conceptualize, sculpt and refine customized content to create the most lucid, and memorable presentations/documents for you